Easy & affordable podcast production and marketing.

2 out of 3 qualified prospects choose HiveCast. Why? Because we have a track record of excellence, helping hundreds of our clients grow their authority, expand their influence and win new business through their podcasts!

Whether you are starting your first show from scratch or you want to move an existing show to a better production service, our talented team will exceed your expectations!  

You record, we’ll do the rest!

There can be a steep learning curve when starting a podcast from scratch, and if you’re a seasoned host, you already know the incredible effort goes that into producing your show episode after episode.

When you choose HiveCast, you are choosing to make your life easier and your podcast better. We take the hard work out of podcast production.

Here’s how we do it:

Dedicated Account Manager: A single point of contact, there to understand your goals and needs and support you at every step of your podcasting journey. Sometimes a task-master, sometimes a cheerleader, but every day, they are a pivotal partner in your podcasting success.

Professional Editing, 5-day turnaround: Expert audio engineering, and editing so you sound incredible. Our processes ensure we deliver your episodes fast, and our full listen-thru-editing and advanced QA processes ensure they will be error-free.

Show notes are a massive success lever that is often underutilized. Our frequently-evolved format always takes advantage of the latest techniques that will drive business outcomes by enticing listeners to take action with powerful and strategic calls to action and to make Google pay attention.

Full Video Capabilities: Amplify the impact of your podcast with a companion YouTube channel. Turn video into social media content like Shorts, IG Reels, and TikToks, AND have SEO-optimized episodes to reach new listeners on the world’s 2nd largest search engine.

Get HiveCast For Free! You’ll love our podcast production services, and you’ll love them even more when you get them for free!  Referrals from our current clients roll into us, and they are rewarded through our affiliate program. Send us new clients and earn towards free production services.

PodAmp: Sometimes a podcast needs a boost to help take its audience to the next level. Our latest innovation is podcast PR & marketing! With PodAmp, each of your episodes can be pubished to 50+ major sites, including Business Insider and Yahoo!

What it’s like working with HiveCast?

The secret to a great partnership is getting off to a great start. We have turned years of experience working with thousands of Clients into an onboarding process that sets our partnership up for success.

After your show launches with us, you’ll find our time-tested processes create a highly productive flywheel effect. Before you know it, you’ll be creating a world-class show efficiently and simply, eliminating unnecessary mental load, time, effort, and financial investment.

“HiveCast has a wonderful team that really cares about supporting the perfection of my podcast.”

“I trust HiveCast because their attention to detail is amazing. They make podcasting affordable and doable.”

“The emotional and mental load has been completely taken off my plate. All I have to do now is record my episodes and send them in!”

Simple pricing, cancel anytime.

For too long, podcasters like you have been over-charged for podcast production, and let down by freelancers and contractors. HiveCast is the original home of high-quality, done-for-you service, at affordable rates, with no longterm commitments.

Step 1: Weekly, or every other week

Successful podcasts are the ones that keep going, not the ones with the strictest schedule! Commit to the frequency that makes that possible for you.


$500 / month

1 audio episode every other week

(up to 3 per month)


$875 / month

1 audio episode a week

(up to 5 per month)

Included in both packages:

> No setup fees for existing shows, ($495 setup for new shows).

> A dedicated account manager.

> Complete episode turnaround (including editing) in 5 business days.

> Premium show notes. Drive new listeners, and rank in Google.

> 2 promotional graphics for every episode (your choice of episode announcement, episode teaser, quote card).

> Scheduling on your podcast hosting platform.

> Published to all major podcast channels, including Apple, Google, Stitcher, etc.

> Includes episodes up to 1 hour (as published).

Step 2: Customize with optional add-ons

We make it easy for you to pay only for what you need. Even better, you can add or remove add-ons at any time. These are the services most selected by our clients:


$100/month with bi-weekly

$200/month with weekly

  • Custom show intro and outro.
  • Motion graphics animations.
  • Expert video editing.
  • Custom YouTube cover art for each episode.
  • Scheduled on your YouTube Channel.

Enhanced Editing

$100/month with bi-weekly

$200/month with weekly

We become your producer, empowered to make decisions about edits. We’ll use our discretion to take out filler words and long pauses, and remove any “do-overs” without you needing to give us any time stamps for edits.

Enhanced Marketing

$100/month with bi-weekly

$200/month with weekly

  • 3 audio or video cutdowns.
  • We’ll select the content, or you can provide time stamps.
  • Posted as YouTube Shorts.
  • Episodes added to your website.

NO hidden fees. NO longterm contracts. NO extra charges for intros & outros. NO extra charges for Premium SEO show notes. NO extra charges for episode promo graphics. Cancel any time.

Need help deciding what’s best for you?

Become the #1 authority in your niche


PodAmp.fm is our latest innovation to help podcasters like you grow your show. Every time you publish a new episode, it will be published in 50+ credible publications like Google News, Associated Press, CBS, FOX, Yahoo, or Business Insider. Reach tens of thousands of new listeners, be seen as a credible expert in your niche, and attract your dream guests by guaranteeing news coverage of their episode!

HiveCast podcasters benefit from exclusive pricing.

Common questions


Q: I want to start a podcast, but I don’t know where to start.   Is HiveCast a good choice for me?

A: Absolutely, we help new podcasters avoid the common problem of getting overwhelmed and never actually starting! Our dedicated account managers ensure your success by leading you through our time-tested launch pad process. Most brand-new podcasters are able to launch their show within a month of starting with HiveCast!

Q: Will you help me with all the tech?

A: You bet. Our Launch Pad process will give you our equipment cheat sheet so you select the tech you need, AND you’ll get advice and mentorship so you know how to use it to get a great result. Bypass all the tech overwhelm with HiveCast!


Q: What is the difference between standard audio editing and advanced editing:

With our standard audio package, our team will need direction from you regarding edits to the episode. We’ll need time stamps and words in and out of your cuts. 

Our advanced editing package is for podcasters who really want to hand over the raw audio and leave it to our team to use our discretion in editing.  We will remove all the filler words and long pauses, and any other distractions that detract from the end product.  You won’t be asked for any editing notes unless there is something you want to be prescriptive about. Otherwise, we’ll do it all!

Q: What if I don’t use all the episodes I’ve paid for in my monthly subscription, or if I need more than I planned?

We want you to use every episode you pay for, so we allow you to roll up to one month of episodes forward. If you need more episodes than are in your subscription, you can add additional episodes as a one-off.

Q: Is there a length limit to my episodes?

Most of our episodes are under 40 minutes. If your published show is over an hour, we will automatically add a $20 length upcharge.

Q: I want something that isn’t in one of your packages. Can you help?

A: Maybe! Schedule a 15-minute meeting and let’s talk about it.

Q: Can I upgrade/downgrade or cancel my subscription?

A: There are no long-term commitments with HiveCast.  You can manage your subscription thru our “My Account” settings, which allow you to upgrade or downgrade your core package and add or remove any “add-on” services at any time.