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The Podcasting Business Results Accelerator Program

In just 6 weeks…

We will optimize your podcast so that you are consistently attracting and retaining ideal listeners and converting more of them into customers who purchase your programs, products, and services. 

After this program, you will:

  • Optimize your podcast to attract and retain an engaged audience of future buyers
  • Create content that is effective in building your authority and creating value for your listeners
  • Master the art of moving listeners into your marketing ecosystem
  • Utilize proven systems to measure and optimize your podcast’s performance

    This is for you if…

    • You are a podcaster with at least 6 months of experience
    • You feel your show’s current growth doesn’t match your efforts (getting less than 1K downloads per episode)
    • You are an Entrepreneur who wants to monetize your podcast by turning listeners into paying clients

    Program Details:

    Your 6 week sprint starts with a base strategy.  Content is customized to your exact areas of opportunity.

      Welcome Call & Pre-Work (20 Minutes)

      During this call, I’m excited to personally welcome you to the accelerator and learn more about you, your show and the role it plays in your business. After our welcome call, you’ll complete the comprehensive Business Results Accelerator questionnaire and conduct a thorough podcast self-review. I’ll carefully review these materials and conduct my own audit of your show and marketing ecosystem, which we’ll dive into during our Week 1 session. Get ready for an insightful and productive start to the program!

      Week 1 (90 Minutes)

      Kickstart your journey with a goal-setting and audit review session. Together, we’ll create a strategic plan tailored to your unique opportunities. We’ll dive deep into key areas, including:

      • Identifying your show’s ideal listeners
      • Highlighting your show’s unique differentiators
      • Crafting compelling messaging for your show
      • Enhancing the quality of your content to build authority
      • Expanding your reach and attracting new potential listeners
      • Strengthening your ability to convert listeners into your marketing ecosystem
      • Measuring your podcast’s performance for growth and monetization

      Week 2 (60 Minutes)

      In Week 2, our focus will be on the 3-5 most critical metrics that we need to measure and optimize to drive success for your podcast. Together, we’ll document your podcast’s baseline performance & establish a streamlined system for consistently reviewing and analyzing these metrics.

      Week 3 (60 Minutes)

      In Week 3, our attention will be on uncovering valuable opportunities within the podcast listener journey. Together, we’ll dive deep into three crucial stages:

      Awareness: We’ll examine how potential listeners discover and become aware of your show. We’ll explore effective strategies for increasing visibility and reaching your target audience.

      Consideration: We’ll explore the factors that influence a listener’s decision to tune in, including compelling topics, positive reviews, and other key elements. We’ll develop tactics to enhance your show’s appeal and captivate potential listeners.

      Decision to Listen: We’ll evaluate the discoverability of your show on different platforms, optimize episode titles and descriptions for maximum impact, and harness the power of social proof to boost listener engagement. Together, we’ll ensure that your podcast stands out and entices listeners to hit that “Play” button. Get ready to seize these opportunities and make your podcast irresistible to your audience!

      Week 4 (60 Minutes)

      As we move into Week 4, we’ll delve further into the various opportunities within the podcast listener journey. Our focus will be on the following areas:

      Decision to Subscribe: We’ll explore how to impress your listeners with valuable content and create a sense of anticipation for future episodes. Together, we’ll develop strategies to encourage subscription and cultivate a dedicated audience.

      Retain & Advocate: We’ll focus on getting listeners to listen to full episodes. We’ll discuss methods for generating reviews, sparking conversations, and inspiring your audience to share your content with other like-minded individuals.

      Convert: We’ll dive into how your listeners can seamlessly transition into your marketing ecosystem. We’ll strategize on how your content can effectively communicate your products, services, and unique value propositions.

      Week 5 (60 Minutes)

      In week 5 we’ll deep dive into content calendar and CTA planning to maximize building your authority and converting listeners into your marketing ecosystem.  We’ll evaluate CTAs across all listener touchpoints including social media, website & landing pages.

      Week 6 (60 Minutes)

      In this final week, we’ll explore advanced tactics to attract a broader audience and grow your reach.

      Common questions

      Q: When will we meet?

      A: Weekly sessions designed to fit your schedule and pace. You have full control over the dates and times we connect. It’s important that you have time to implement action items between our calls.

      Q: How much time should I allocate to this program?

      A: Alongside our weekly calls, I recommend dedicating 1-2 hours each week to implement action items effectively.

      Q: I have a co-host, can they join our sessions?

      Absolutely! I highly recommend involving your co-host in our sessions for maximum impact.

      Q: Do you offer payment plans?

      Yes, flexible payment plans are available.

      Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s talk!

      I would love to connect with you personally to discuss the accelerator, your podcast, and your goals. Book a 20-minute call with me HERE.

      Ready to start?

      If you’re ready to take the leap and transform your podcast, you can purchase the accelerator HERE. Within moments, you’ll receive an email with all the essential details to get started. Schedule your welcome call and let’s dive in!

      More questions?  

      Schedule a 20-minute, no-pressure call with me and I can help you decide if this program is the right support you need to get the results you’ve dreamed of for your podcast and your business.