High-quality podcast production made simple (and affordable).

“I came close to not choosing HiveCast because it’s only $500 per month, and I was paying more than that PER episode! I met with them and discovered it’s a great service, and everyone else is just charging too much.”

Fully-inclusive production from $500 per month

We believe that you should have access to high-quality production & editing, have a dedictaed Account Manager you trust, and not pay a fortune for it.

Think how your show would grow if every episode came with extensive show notes that were written for real people AND for Google, promotional graphics and sound clips, and everything was uploaded and distributed for you.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or just wanting a better service for less, we have you covered.

Everything you need to be successful is included…

Professional audio / video editing

Know you’re in safe hands with professional editors crafting your podcast episodes. For each episode, we will add your elements, check the sound quality, and fix any problems that you might have experienced during recording.

Record your intro & outro and have them added to your episodes, whether it’s the same every time, or unique for each one.

Choose our video option and have your episodes made YouTube ready.

We also provide a free lifetime backup of your unedited & edited files, in case you ever need them.

Show notes that work for you

Don’t make the mistake of thinking shows notes are not that important! When created with the right formula, show notes will drive the organic growth of your audience.

Our professional writers use a number of techniques to grab attention every time in these detailed write-ups.


  • Typically 600+ words
  • Eye-catching opening line to stand out in searches
  • SEO optimized with the most recent recommendations for interlinking the content
  • Your links and your guests’ links
  • Timestamping for easy listening, and for Spotify automations

Your own dedicated account manager

HiveCast is about people, and we have a team of great ones waiting to work with you.

Your US-based Account Manager will be your consistent point of contact. They know you, they know your show, and they know how you like things to be done.

Promo graphics and audiograms

You’re out there making it happen, recording episodes for your audience… great job! But now you need to get the word out that you have a new episode just waiting for them to listen to.

One of the best ways to do this is by having promo graphics to announce its release, and audiograms (social posts with an audio clip embedded) to give them a taster of the wonderful things they will hear.

Your new HiveCast production team will produce both types for EVERY episode. Share them yourself, and give them to your guests to share too.

Eye-catching cover art design

Your podcast’s cover is your audience’s first impression of you. If you are new to podcasting, the HiveCast design team will work with you and your Account Manager to produce a custom cover that you LOVE ❤️.

For existing podcasters, don’t feel left out! During your onboarding call, we will look at your existing cover together, and if you’d like a refresh, that’s included!

I wanted to let you all know we got our first lead from the podcast this morning.  It is a company that is struggling with their existing D365 implementation.  I am really excited the podcast is starting to provide leads! Within the first 60 days of beginning my podcast, the results have blown me away! We see significant volume of first-time visitors to our website, subscribers, and views on the podcast, and I have proposals out and new opportunities that are a direct result of people listening to our episodes. This podcast has been so energizing for Empellor CRM – it’s the rocket fuel that is going to help us blow past our 2021 revenue goals. Podcasting has quickly become one of my most effective marketing tactics for generating new business and building my referral network.”
Chris Smith

CEO Empellor CRM & Host of the Sales Lead Dog Podcast

Onboarding is soooo UNDER-Rated

The secret to a great partnership is getting off to a great start. We have turned over 25 years of experience working with thousands of Clients into a simple process that sets us both up for success, whether you are new to podcasting, or are looking for a better service for your existing show.

STEP 1: Onboarding 1:1

You will immediately receive a link to schedule a call with your dedicated Account Manager.

During the call, we will run through our onboarding process, tailored to either new or existing podcasters.

STEP 2: Review & approve

Our team will set up or activate your podcast, and produce your designs and templates, 

You will have a simple way to review and approve (or request edits) to your new assets.

STEP 3: You’re the star!

Everything is now ready for you to record your episodes!

Each time you do, submit a simple form to tell us it’s complete, and we will retrieve the files. HiveCast will do the rest 🙂

We pride ourselves on our affordable pricing


 $500 / month 

1 audio episode per week

(approx. 4 per month)


1 audio/video every other week

(approx. 2 per month)


$975 / month

2 audio episodes per week

(approx. 8 per month)


1 audio/video every week

(approx. 4 per month)

That’s it!

NO extra charges for adding intros / outros. NO extra charges for promotional graphics and audiograms. NO extra charges for uploading videos to YouTube. NO extra charges for comprehensive show notes. NO extra charges if you don’t already have a podcast.

And NO signup costs, NO hidden fees, and you can cancel any time without penalty. Unused credits roll one for one month.

Both packages include…

  • Suitable for new & existing podcasters
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Engaging show notes to attract new listeners and written to help your SEO
  • Professional editing
  • Promotional graphics for every episode
  • Audiograms per episode
  • Uploading to your podcast hosting platform
  • Uploading video episodes  to YouTube
  • Help & support as you grow your podcast show
  • Lifetime backup of edited and unedited versions

Want to get to know us better?

Join us on our daily webinar to learn more about HiveCast, and we’ll share the 4 key components of every successful podcast.

On the webinar, we will do a deep dive into our service, and tell you more about WHY and HOW we created the “Starbucks of podcast production“.

We know you’re busy, and so the call will last approximately 25-30 minutes, plus time at the end for Q&A.

The call runs at the same time EVERY day, Monday to Sunday.

  • 1:00pm Pacific time
  • 2:00pm Mountain time
  • 3:00pm Central time
  • 4:00pm Eastern time

And just for joining us, we offer a 10% discount for your first month of service.

Common questions

Who is HiveCast, where are you based?

We’re often mistaken for an offshore company given our prices. We’re actually based mostly in Colorado, with team members all over the country.

Casey leads our podcasting production team and our Account Managers, making sure we deliver an excellent service.

Dax, Partner, has 20+ years working in marketing, first helping to build the large marketing agencies working on Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Hilton, Target, and many more brands, and then co-founding an advertising technology company that invented techniques Google still uses today.

Sarah, Partner, also has 20+ years in the marketing world, largely perfecting operational processes, giving us the ability to do what we do at the price we do it for.

Brittany, Partner, comes from a marketing and PR background and leads our sister company that provides broader digital marketing services.

What if I am brand new to Podcasting?

Welcome! If you have a good team behind you, it’s a lot of fun.

You do not need to know anything about how podcasting works to have a successful podcast. Our team and your Account Manager will walk you through the entire process.

I already have a podcast, can I move it to you?

Yes! You can even leave it with your existing podcast host. The team can use your existing designs for episode graphics, or we will create you a fresh set.

What's included in the service?

Our service is $500 per month. NO SETUP fees and NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

1. In brief, everything you need to become the podcasting star without any of the hassle!

2. Our Podcasting Clients can choose from up to 4 audio-only episodes a month, or up to 2 audio+video episodes a month. Months with 5 weeks have more episodes. Rollover 1 month of unused credits to the next month.

3. Each episode comes complete with promotional graphics for your guest to share, and comprehensive shows notes that will attract your audience AND that Google will love for SEO.

4. When you first become a HiveCast Client we will walk you through a strategy session to help you launch the best possible show that is aligned to real goals that will have a positive impact on your business and your brand.

5. Cover art design.

6. Video & audio editing (dependent on your chosen format).

7. Downloading of your recorded files, and uploading to distribution channels (i.e. Apple & Google Play).

How long is the contract / commitment?

There isn’t one! You can cancel at any time without penalty.

Simply put, we have learned that this is a great way to give you confidence in us, reducing our marketing costs to win new Clients, and it’s the best motivator to keep the team excelling at what they do.